Call it action-based learning, real-world experience, or nontraditional knowledge. We call it the cornerstone of your education at Ross.

Not every lesson you learn is found within the pages of a book or the walls of a classroom. Some of the most important lessons — the toughest ones, the ones that keep you awake at night and make you want to get up in the morning — are learned by being directly involved and personally invested.

Whether you’re embedded into a multinational company as part of a MAP project, volunteering with one of Ross’ many student organizations, helping to manage a student-run investment fund, or learning to empower and inspire through the Ross Leadership Initiative, action-based learning is woven into your Ross experience. 

You’ll never get bored, complacent, or tired of learning, because at Ross you don’t just learn the curriculum, you live it.

This means that when you graduate, you will be ready to apply theory and practice to real-world issues. You will emerge as a leader who has worked side-by-side with business executives to help them solve real problems. And you’ll have been tested, proven yourself, and are ready to succeed at conquering any challenge.

Action in Practice

Real Investing Experience

The $6.5 million Wolverine Venture Fund is one of the world's first student-run funds of its kind.

Ross MAP

One of the most extensive and intensive action-based learning programs of its kind, the seven-week-long Ross MAP program embeds hundreds of Ross MBAs into companies to tackle challenges from product launches to digital banking to supply chain management.

Lead Through Crisis

The Leadership Crisis Challenge is designed to put students through complex challenges, preparing them to handle anything upon graduation. Within 24 hours, teams of students assume leadership roles at a company going through a crisis quickly spiraling out of control.

Empowered to Take Action

Learn outside of the classroom and further pursue your interests by leading student clubs, participating in case competitions, and mentoring younger students.

Experience Entrepreneurship

Entrepalooza, Ross’ annual entrepreneurship symposium, gives U-M students the opportunity to network with, gain expert advice from, and attend panel discussions with nationally recognized experts in entrepreneurship. 

A Leadership Toolkit

Woven into the Executive MBA curriculum, the Leadership Development Program spans workshops, guest speakers, team activities, and individualized and team coaching sessions.

Leaders of Leadership

The Ross Leadership Initiative immerses students in action-based programs and co-created learning communities to build the character and skills required to lead dynamic business organizations. 

Seven Steps to Follow When Selling Your Idea to the Boss

Seven Steps to Follow When Selling Your Idea to the Boss

A Harvard Business Review article by Michigan Ross Professor Sue Ashford shows how to push your ideas up the chain.

Student/Faculty Interactions Expand with New Initiatives at Michigan Ross

Student/Faculty Interactions Expand with New Initiatives at Michigan Ross

The full-time MBA Program has launched several initiatives to encourage informal student/faculty interactions -- and they are proving to be extremely popular. Learn more on how MBA students are getting 1:1 time with our dean, faculty, and each other.