Many students in our Executive MBA Program are sponsored by their employers, to the benefit of both. Companies nurture and retain their best people while preparing them to strengthen the organization; students have the cost of their MBA education reduced or covered in full by their employers.

For Companies
Develop your top talent and improve your organization.

The Michigan Ross EMBA program provides a rigorous general management training that emphasizes strategy and leadership development. Sponsoring the tuition of your high-potential leaders helps your organization retain its best talent while preparing them to strengthen your organization. The ROI you experience is immediate and ongoing.

  • Students immediately apply the cutting-edge frameworks, tools, and concepts learned in class to their work at your organization.

  • A variety of industries, functions, geographies, and organizations are represented in each class, and organizations benefit from the shared intellect and networking among the group.

  • Our monthly format delivers a world-class MBA with fewer days out of the office and less travel. We use extensive distance learning to minimize interruption to your executives' professional obligations.

For Students
Seek sponsorship of your Ross Executive MBA from your employer.

We encourage you to explore opportunities with your employer for sponsoring your degree.  Remember, sponsorship is a business decision for your organization. An investment on their part in your education must be seen as a long-term benefit to the organization. Present your request with this in mind. We are happy to work with you to present the best case.


Formulate an answer to this question: “Why should my company sponsor me in Michigan Ross' Executive MBA Program?” Include aspects of company growth and the need for strong leadership in a challenging economy. You also may want to emphasize the long learning curve for senior executives hired outside the firm.

  • Research your organization’s internal policies regarding educational sponsorship requests.

  • Include a realistic schedule of the time you will be away from the office for orientation, regular residencies, and other extended residencies during the program. Our once-a-month format minimizes disruption to your schedule; we can help you describe the time commitments to your organization.

Commit to the Organization

Losing you after you acquire your degree may be one of management's primary concerns. Demonstrate your commitment to the organization by outlining how the Ross EMBA Program has a format designed to accommodate busy executives. Also specify how much your colleagues will benefit from new knowledge, frameworks, tools, and best practices that you will bring back to the organization. Be creative and emphasize your willingness to do whatever it takes to participate in the program, e.g., using vacation time or forgoing a bonus or raise.


Since sponsorship is a business decision for your company, design and communicate your approach to complement the goals and policies of your organization. As you prepare to begin the EMBA Program, make sure to continue the communication — with your organization’s leadership, your direct management, and your colleagues and peers. When they know what to expect, they will be prepared to accommodate your needs.

Get Endorsed

Determine who will make the decision about your sponsorship and work your way toward this person, starting with your closest mentor. If each person can endorse you to the next in line, you are more likely to succeed in your request. Once the ultimate decision-maker has approved you for sponsorship, make sure to get it in writing.

Follow Up

Gaining approval to enroll in the EMBA Program is only the beginning. Make sure to follow up on every detail required by your organization and the program. Make the process as seamless as possible for your staff and superiors. It’s your education, your responsibility, and your future.