Here at the Ross School of Business, we welcome students from around the globe to our vibrant and distinctive learning community.


For more information, see the 2015 -2016 Ross School of Business Fact Sheet.

  • Spend a semester taking stimulating courses with our world-class faculty in top-ranked MBA and BBA academic programs

  • Take full advantage of career advising and job recruiting with Ross Career Services

  • Make friends within a diverse student body drawing from all 50 U.S. states and 129 countries

  • Get involved on campus with other students who share your interests (whatever they are) with more than 1,000 student clubs and organizations

  • Live in one of the “happiest cities in the United States”

  • Join the extensive Ross and University of Michigan networks, with more than 45,000 Ross alumni living and working in more than 88 countries, and more than 500,000 U-M alumni residing around the globe

Current Exchange Students: We are very excited to welcome our fall 2015 income exchange students to Ross! Check out the Incoming Exchange Student Directory to get to know these awesome, new additions to the Michigan Ross community.

Admission Process
Learn about eligibility requirements for students at partner schools and fee-paying visiting students.

If you are interested in attending the Ross School of Business, it is important that you understand the eligibility requirement and admission process:


Nominated Exchange Students

In order to officially become a semester exchange student at the Ross School of Business, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your home institution must have an exchange agreement with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business through the Office of Global Initiatives. Check with your home institution's international office to see if you qualify.

  • For more information, see the 2015 -2016 Ross School of Business Fact Sheet.

Fee-Paying Visiting Student Status

If your institution does not have an exchange relationship with Ross, it is possible for you to attend for a semester as a fee-paying visiting student. Fee-paying visiting student applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and students will only be admitted if there is space in the exchange program and they are a good academic fit for Ross.

To apply for this status, e-mail the following to

  • a resume

  • a current transcript

  • a 500-word essay explaining why you wish to attend Ross

  • a TOEFL score around 100 or better or IELTS 6.5-7.0

  • degree program designation (example: MBA or BBA) at your home school

  • a web link to your degree program

For information on university fees and estimated living expenses, see the non-resident section of the appropriate Ross program[B.5 Programs]. Please note that U-M financial aid will not be available for any exchange or fee-paying visiting student.

Online Admission Application

Once nominated or approved for fee-paying visiting student status, you will then submit all incoming exchange admissions application materials on a secure application website called M-Compass. The incoming exchange admission process is as follows:

  • Once Global Initiatives receives incoming exchange-student nominations, you are granted access to the University of Michigan's online application system, M-Compass. You will be sent e-mails containing access instructions and log-in information with a temporary password. By following the instructions in each e-mail, you acquire access to the Ross Incoming Exchange Application.

  • The online incoming exchange application prompts you to complete an application, sign the Ross Honor Policy, provide a photocopy of your passport biodata page, and upload photocopies of an affidavit of financial support as well as photocopies of official financial documentation (official bank statements, etc.).

  • All of these documents must be submitted to the M-Compass system in order for your exchange application to be accepted and to initiate the visa processing paperwork required to enter and attend university in the United States.

Prior to Arrival
Several important items require your attention before you arrive in Ann Arbor, including visas, housing, and orientation.

Before you set foot in Ann Arbor and experience life at Ross, there are several important items that require your attention:

Stay Connected

Before you arrive, you must check the e-mail account provided in your nomination/application often for updates from Global Initiatives. If you are not routinely checking your e-mail you may miss e-mails regarding housing, course registration, University of Michigan e-mail and student system access, and other important information.

Incoming Exchange Handbook

The Global Initiatives staff developed the Incoming Exchange Handbook as a detailed and informative resource for exchange students coming to Ross. The handbook includes a pre-arrival checklist and helpful information about the culture in Ann Arbor, finding housing, academics, University of Michigan slang, and much more. 

Securing Housing in Ann Arbor

Securing rental housing in Ann Arbor can be a challenge, particularly during the fall semester. We recommend you begin searching apartment and short-term housing listings as soon as possible after accepting your exchange placement at Ross. To begin your search, see the “Housing Resources” section within the Ross Incoming Exchange Handbook .

U.S. Visa Processing

Once you submit all admission application materials in M-Compass, the Global Initiatives exchange coordinators will send your information to the International Center for U-M I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant F-1 Student Status processing. It may take several weeks for I-20 processing. Once processed, your I-20 certificate will be mailed to you (to the address you list in your M-Compass application) via UPS Express International. You will need to make an appointment with the nearest U.S. consulate to begin the student visa application process.

To enter the U.S., you will need your U-M I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant F-1 Student Status, a valid F-1 visa (the visa stamp in your passport) issued by the U.S. embassy/consulate overseas, a valid passport, and your SEVIS fee receipt. For more information, see the International Center F-1 Student Visa page.

Access to U-M E-mail and Student Account

Once you submit all admission application materials in M-Compass and are admitted as a student, you will receive a series of important e-mails (to the e-mail account that was provided with your nomination/application):

The first e-mail will contain your University of Michigan Identification Number (UMID)

Second, you will receive an e-mail from the University of Michigan Information and Technology Services (ITS) containing a One-Time Identifier (OTID). Using this OTID and your UMID, you will be able to create a University of Michigan uniqname (username) and log-in, which will allow you to log-in to your e-mail account, Wolverine Access, and other U-M systems.

Course Registration

Before being admitted, you can browse Ross Course Descriptions [Link to courses page] to determine which classes that you would like to take. These descriptions clearly identify courses as core and elective. Exchange students can only take elective courses.

Once you are admitted as a student, you will receive an e-mail from Ross Academic Services with instructions on how to register for courses via Wolverine Access. If you have any questions about courses or registration, e-mail Ross Academic Services at

Mandatory Incoming Exchange Orientation

A few days prior to the beginning of each semester, Ross, in partnership with the International Center, conducts a mandatory exchange-student orientation. This orientation includes the mandatory International Center Check-In required to activate student visas, an Academic Services presentation, and a great deal of helpful information regarding the university, Ann Arbor, and American culture. All incoming exchange students are required to attend this meeting. You must adjust travel plans to ensure your attendance.

While at Ross
Gain the most from your academic experience, explore career options, and expand your professional and personal network.

We hope you enjoy your semester as a Ross student. Please read the following information to help you gain the most out of your experience:


The faculty and staff at Ross are deeply committed to helping you succeed and gain as much knowledge as possible from your exchange experience. We strongly recommend that you meet with a Ross academic advisor early in the semester to discuss your academic goals and options. An advisor can also offer guidance if you find yourself struggling with your coursework. To speak with a Ross academic advisor, e-mail

The University of Michigan also offers several services to help students’ succeed academically, including Sweetland Writing Center, the Language Resource Center, tutoring, and research assistance from U-M librarians.

Access to Career Services

We want your exchange experience to not only benefit you personally and academically, but also with opportunities for career prospects. At Ross, you will have the same access to career resources as full-time students, including recruiting for jobs and internships, career workshops and resume review services, and career advising. Learn more about Career Services.

Student Clubs and Organizations

The University of Michigan is home to over 1,000 student clubs and organization spanning a wide range of topics. You are bound to find a group of students with similar backgrounds or interests. We strongly recommend you join a student group during your exchange semester. In doing so, you will likely make many new friends and enhance your experience. See Ross Clubs & Organizations and the U-M Maize pages to find out how you get involved on-campus.


There is always something happening on campus or in Ann Arbor. You should check the Campus Events, Ross Events, and Ann Arbor community events each week to see if there’s something that captures your interest.

After Your Exchange Experience
Order your transcript and stay connected as a member of the Michigan alumni network.

As former U-M President Mary Sue Coleman once said, “So for today, goodbye. For tomorrow, good luck, and forever, Go Blue.” Before you settle in to life back home, you should note the following:

Keeping Your Umich E-mail Account

Your University of Michigan e-mail will work for a little over a year for you, but if you would like to keep it permanently, contact Gift & Records Administration at 888-518-7888 or via a web request. 

University of Michigan Alumni Network

U-M has one of the largest alumni networks in the world. Chances are, wherever you are, you can find someone with a Michigan connection. Exchange students can request alumni status and join the Alumni Association by contacting Gift & Records Administration (888-518-7888 or fill out a web request). Learn more about the U-M Alumni Association

Send Your U-M Transcript to Your Home School

Your home school will require an official transcript from your exchange semester at Ross. You can order an official transcript online or by mail via Wolverine Access.