The Ross MAcc offers the following opportunities to assist with financing your graduate education.

GSI positions and scholarships are awarded competitively on a rolling basis to students who have been admitted to the MAcc program:

Ross MAcc Scholarship and GSI Application

For Fall 2015 applicants, the Ross MAcc program will begin assessment of scholarship applications on October 20, 2014. Students who have been admitted to the program prior to that date will be issued awards by October 27th. After October 20th, scholarship applications will be considered simultaneously with MAcc program applications. Students are encouraged to submit a scholarship application within one week of their program application. Scholarship applications have no bearing on admission decisions.

Graduate Assistantships (GSI)

The MAcc Program is proud to offer 16 GSI positions to incoming MAcc students each year. GSIs assist with the instruction of undergraduate introductory-level accounting courses. They are compensated with a 41 percent tuition waiver and a monthly stipend, totaling approximately $400 per month.


Thanks to the generosity of MAcc alumni and friends, numerous Ross merit- and need-based scholarships are awarded to our students each year. Award amounts vary by available funding and the number of applicants but typically range from $5,000-15,000 per year. Approximately half of each MAcc class is awarded a Ross merit- or need-based scholarship.

We express our sincere thanks to the wonderful individuals and corporations who support Michigan Ross accounting education by funding the following scholarship opportunities:

  • William J. and Donna W. Adams Memorial Scholarship
  • William J. and Donna W. Adams Scholarship
  • Arthur Andersen LLP Minority Scholarship
  • Pamela Jane Bryant Accounting Scholarship
  • John Robert and Minnie Lee Bussey Scholarship
  • Ralph G. Conger Scholarship
  • Howard J. Cooper Scholarship*
  • Deloitte Foundation/Carleton H. Griffin MAcc Scholarship
  • Ernst & Young Scholarship
  • Roy M. Jacklin Scholarship
  • Harvey Kapnick Scholarship
  • Leonard J. Kujawa/Arthur Andersen Scholarship
  • L. L. Laing Scholarship
  • Walter P. Lossing Memorial Scholarship
  • MAcc Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • John F. McCarthy Business Scholarship*
  • Elissa Meadow Scholarship
  • Dorris C. Michalske Scholarship
  • Michael and Joan Sakkinen Accounting Scholarship
  • Gary H. Stein Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles E. and Barbara C. Stilec Scholarship
  • Lynn A. Townsend Scholarship Fund
  • David Weston Scholarship
  • William A. Paton Scholarship

*This scholarship is shared between several Ross programs and is awarded to MAcc students every three years.


To apply for GSI and scholarship opportunities, complete our scholarship application using the same name and email address indicated on your application to the MAcc program. This application encompasses all MAcc GSI and scholarship opportunities. Your scholarship application will not be considered until your complete application package is being considered for admission.