When you think of the University of Michigan and the Ross School of Business, you think of leaders. Excellence in leadership development is our heritage as well as our commitment for the present and the future. We're consistently ranked among the best in the world.

We develop the character and skills required to thrive in complex and dynamic business organizations. Michigan Ross graduates lead with empathy, drive, integrity, and courage. They possess the determination and know-how to create organizations that are at once more collaborative, more competitive, more durable, and more innovative. They are committed to leveraging the power of business to make a positive difference in the world.

Signature Initiatives

These experiences and group reflections provide context for your learning. They help you develop the awareness and skills to lead in today's complex and dynamic world.

Impact Challenge

Be part of a community effort to create a profitable venture with a social purpose in Detroit -- engaging more than 1,500 students across five academic programs.

Crisis Challenge

Prepare to lead in high-pressure, high-stakes situations in this realistic crisis simulation.

Story Lab

Craft your personal narrative and discover how to identify and articulate moments of significant impact. This resource is particularly valuable as you interview for jobs.

Legacy Lab

A series of workshops that help you create a personal life statement and vision for your future.

Learning Communities

These groups help you build habits of everyday impact, sustainable performance, and self-development to serve you throughout your education and career.

Ross Leaders Academy

An advanced, year-long leadership program for select final-year students. Offered with generous support from the Deloitte Foundation.


LeaderX (LDRx) provides a community and tools for Michigan Ross students to reflect upon their leadership experiences in a small-group setting.

Meet the Team

The Ross School of Business is consistently ranked among the best in the world at developing leaders. Sanger is the school's leadership development center of excellence. Through four signature initiatives, three learning communities, and a variety of skill-based workshops, the Sanger Team serves more than 3,000 students across eight academic programs at Ross.

Meet our team