The Technology and Business Innovation Forum promotes business leadership in technology adoption by connecting the worlds of technology and business practice.

The Forum meets at the world-class Ross School of Business and brings together academic researchers, technology developers and industry practitioners in a community of peers.

Members enjoy the opportunity not only to learn about, but also to affect and participate in research on major questions regarding the management, development, and application of emerging technologies to innovate business practices and create new value.


Upcoming Event | September 23, 2016

Technology and Business Innovation Forum 
on HR and Talent Management
in a Digital Enterprise

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The emerging trends in digitizations such as cloud computing, ubiquitous connectivity and big data analytics are fundamentally altering the structure of business models across industries. As digitization pervades every aspect of business, the assumptions and rules behind HR and talent management are being redefined. HR is transforming from a support role in reacting to the needs of business strategy in recruitment, compensation and training to a proactive role in cocreating a culture of transparency in facilitating digitally savvy managers and employees. Social media such as Facebook, that connect billions of people across the globe based on their common interest and profiles, kindle new expectations in talent management within the firms. Managers and employees expect contextual visibility to talent within the organization as roles and responsibilities are redefined to meet the market demands. In this forum, our speakers will highlight the major challenges and opportunities facing HR and Talent Management and discuss specific practices adopted in their organizations.

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M.S. Krishnan
Accenture Professor of Computer and Information Systems


Ravi Anupindi
David B Hermelin Professor of Business Administration,
Professor of Technology and Operations


Nicole Watson