Members of the Forum will gather twice a year for comprehensive discussions of business and emerging technology topics. We will focus on “real-world” opportunities, risks and results for businesses.

Discussions will incorporate the perspectives of academic researchers, technology leaders, and industry practitioners. Forum participants will include executives from both the business and technology divisions of participating companies, faculty and graduate students from U of M, and experts from technology providers.

Opportunities will be identified to pursue topics of interest to member companies between meetings through Special Interest Groups and/or MBA projects.

Membership Levels

Board Member

$10,000/year – member benefits are extended to permit 3 guests at all TBIF events. In addition, Board members will be invited to a pre-meeting dinner with Ross School faculty and asked to participate in an annual meeting to review Forum strategy and enhance Forum activities.


$5,000/year – entitles the company’s designated member to participate in both semi-annual general meetings and any special interest group meetings and to bring 1 guest to each event. We will guide the application process for student projects that the member company submits and facilitate faculty contacts when requested.

Tauber Institute Affiliate

Membership fees will be discounted by 40% for any company who has sponsored a Tauber Institute student project in the previous year.

Not-for-Profit Membership

Membership fees are discounted by 40% for a Not-for-Profit organization.


Member Benefits

Opportunities twice a year to send two company representatives (ideally a pairing of an Operating Executive and a Technology Leader) to participate in in-depth discussions of currently important technology and business topics which will incorporate the perspectives of academic researchers, technology developers and industry practitioners.

Membership in a community of peers who share common issues and concerns and who benefit from the opportunity to discuss new ideas with like-minded professionals.

Dialog with faculty members, who can provide perspective on emerging business issues and who actively solicit ideas for new research.

Opportunity to form Special Interest Groups on narrower topics to bring together operating personnel from member companies with faculty in smaller working groups and enable the sharing of experiences, problems, and solutions.

Opportunity to stand at the forefront of research on major questions about the management, development, or application of emerging technologies to business operations.

Facilitated access to and interactions with MBA and BBA students through 7-week Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) and/or 14-week summer internships, and through company participation in business school courses and student functions.


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