Getting to Know You


Thanks to those of you who hit the “submit” button last night to meet the Round 1 deadline.

We’re looking forward to learning more about you over the next couple months. We saw healthy increases in both U.S. and international applications. The latter may have been driven by a new non-cosigner international student loan available to Ross students.  The agreement was finalized a few weeks ago and current students are already taking advantage of it.

One of the things you may have noticed in the Ross application is that we don’t ask: “What’s your career goal? Why do you want an MBA? Why are you interested in Ross?” Some applicants have asked whether they should address those questions in the optional essay. The answer to that is “No.”

We purposely didn’t include those questions in our essay prompts because we prefer that they be addressed during the interview.  This more closely replicates the experience you’re going to have as an MBA student going through the recruiting process. You will answer questions like that in-person, not through an essay. And, asking those questions in an interview enables us to ask follow-up questions. So don’t fret. You’ll get to answer those questions if you’re invited to interview.

What I’m Excited About This Week

Last week, we met many future Rossers at our Women in Leadership Conference. They had a chance to meet each other, our students, and many of our alumnae who spoke on various panels. That was followed by Taste of Ross, which is a celebration of the foods and cultures of our students from around the world. Senior AD, Diana Economy, was at the Reaching Out MBA Conference over the weekend, and co-hosted a brunch for prospective MBA students with a number of our peer schools. The Associate Directors were all over the world– Son met prospectives in Southeast Asia, Taya met folks in San Francisco, and Bryan met folks in DC. Pictures from a lot of those events are below.

This week, we’re all in town and very excited to welcome more than one hundred prospective students and alumni to UpClose, our diversity preview event. Ross will also be hosting a Social Innovation Summit this Friday, featuring speakers working in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, food security and urban farming, and workforce development.  

I’m also really excited about the new crop of MBA2s who will be conducting admissions interviews this year. Part of their training included experiencing the team exercise for themselves.

As we saw with the MBA1s who did the team exercise as part of the admissions process last year, the MBA2 interviewers were highly engaged. It was interesting to see the very different dynamics across teams and the variety of approaches that they took. It was a good way to reinforce their understanding of the valuable differences in communication and interpersonal styles.

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, I highly encourage you to connect with our Student Ambassadors. If you aren’t able to come to campus or attend one of our events, connecting with a student will give you insight into the student experience and community at Ross. Like the Admissions team, they’re looking forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to Ross.