Should I Retake the GMAT?


Update on Interview Invitations

For those of you who submitted an application in Round 1, interview invitations will go out on Monday, October 20, not today (October 17) as I had posted earlier. Invitations will be sent from, so please add this email address to your address book to avoid having your interview invitation going into your spam folder.

“Should I Retake the GMAT?”

We get this question frequently, including from candidates who have already submitted an application. Here’s what I tell people: it depends. There’s not one answer that fits all. Knowing what the middle 80% of our students scored on the GMAT (650 – 750), you know that 10% of our students have scores below 650. Bryan Johnson from Ross Admissions in Mumbai

That 10% looked something like this:

  1. had undergrad/post-undergrad records that demonstrated solid academic achievement including in quantitative skills and/or they took post-undergrad courses to demonstrated quantitative ability;
  2. had a strong track record of professional achievement that demonstrated an ability to contribute to class discussions;
  3. submitted essays that were well thought-out and well-written with rec letters that demonstrated a fit with Ross’ collaborative, initiative-taking community; and
  4. solidly reinforced all of the above in their interview. If you look like this, then you may be fine. Keep in mind that there may be many other applicants who look like this.

The GMAT or GRE is only one component of many that we consider in our evaluation. A high score doesn’t guarantee admission or even an interview invitation; a low score doesn’t preclude an interview invitation or admission.

If you retake the GMAT after you’ve submitted your application, we’ll consider your new score, provided that we get the score reasonably close to the application deadline. If we’ve already made a decision, a new score won’t change the decision.  

Rossers on the Road

Next week, our MBA students will be spread across the country for Professional Development Week. Students will meet with companies and alumni in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and a number of other cities to explore career opportunities in tech, venture capital, finance, consulting, marketing, real estate, emerging markets, and other industries.

The admissions team will also be on the road with Bryan hosting information sessions in India, Diana in New York, and me in San Francisco and L.A.

UpClose 2014Finally, we had a great time meeting future Rossers and welcoming back dozens of alums last weekend at UpClose, our diversity preview weekend. Attendees got the insider’s view on Ross from current students and alums, participated in an interactive marketing class, heard me compare b-school selection approaches to Tinder and e-Harmony, and attended a game in the Big House. Our last preview day will be Saturday, November 15 for military veterans. You can also visit us on campus for one of our upcoming Visit in Person sessions. We hope to meet you on the road or on-campus soon!