We Will Be Releasing Some Admissions Decisions This Week


The admissions process can feel like an endurance sport. The marathon started many months ago with studying for the GMAT, writing essays, pushing the “submit” button and then waiting for an invitation to interview and then waiting again for the AdComm’s final decision.

The period after hitting “submit” can feel like a very long time – like the last six miles in a marathon, which can feel longer than the first 20.   

With Round 2 this year, we’re piloting a new process whereby we’ll release a group of applicants  (from Rounds 1 and 2) in advance of the Round 2 notification date so they have more time to make alternate plans for the fall.

To make this work, we’re reviewing apps in a slightly different sequence. We’re doing final evaluations of applicants who were not invited to interview first so we can release this group early. This is not to say that all applicants who weren’t invited to interview will be denied early.

It may be easier to understand with a diagram. Here’s what the “No interview invitation” part of the decision tree looks like:

If you weren’t invited to interview and you don’t receive an early release notification, you will be notified on the regular notification date of March 13. Our goal is to get the early deny notifications out by the end of this week (February 27).

We’re in this marathon with you. We’re almost at the finish line.


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