We’re Not “Done” Yet


Though students have graduated and the main enrollment deposit deadline has passed, Admissions’ work isn’t “done” yet. Round 3 and waitlisted applicants know that their candidacies are still being reviewed and discussed by the Committee.

At this stage, in fact, the Committee meets more frequently than during the first two rounds, because we’re managing to tighter numbers now. We look at the enrollment stats daily so we know how many offers we can make and what backgrounds and goals we want to add to the class.

We’re in the final stages of reviewing Round 3 applications. Admit calls will take place on Thursday, May 14. All decisions will be available online on Friday, May 15. The waitlist is reviewed daily and offers are being made on a rolling basis. There will be an admitted student event in June for those admitted in Round 3 and from the waitlist.

We also use the month of May to:

  • Develop marketing, communications and recruiting plans for the coming cycle, which has a soft start in June with events for the Consortium, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and the Forte Foundation. And we have a hard start in mid-July with multi-school events.  Last year, the team coordinated and hosted more than 120 recruiting events. We also trained and coordinated more than 185 student ambassadors and 280 student and alumni interviewers to assist with recruiting and selection.
  • Review our application, essay, recommender and interview questions. We reflect on whether the questions we asked gave us the insights we were looking for about applicants. We’re aiming to have our Fall 2016 essay and recommender questions posted the week of May 18. They will be posted on my blog and on our website.   
  • Re-evaluate our admissions criteria. Do the qualities and backgrounds we look for still align with what recruiters, faculty and our students and alumni value?
  • Conduct a post-mortem on our first year class. We talk with faculty, Career Services staff and MBA Program office staff to hear how MBA1s did. We ask them to identify “stars” and “strugglers” so we can re-review their applications to see if there were indicators of their potential to shine or struggle. We use those insights to inform our evaluations for the coming year.
  • Implement behind-the-scenes process and technology enhancements to make your experience, and ours, better.
  • Travel: Associate Director Taya Sapp is in Germany with Ross and Michigan Alumni for the annual National Alumni Meeting in Germany (See image above)

We’re aiming to be substantially done with the waitlist by early-June. The key word is “substantially.” In the past, we have admitted students as late as August. One even turned his car around on his way to orientation at another school when we called to admit him. Fortunately, he had all his belongings with him!