Round One Interview Invitations Are Out


A quick update: Round 1 interview invitations went out the evening of Monday, October 27. The team has been working round the clock the last couple weeks to get through our initial application reviews to determine whom to invite to interview.

This marks the second consecutive year of an app increase for Ross. It also marks the second consecutive year of an increase in interview invitations – both for U.S. and international applicants. The pool was strong, so we wanted a chance to meet more candidates and evaluate their experience and fit in person.

As noted in the interview invitation, you can interview on-campus, in your area with an alum, or via Skype; they’re all weighted equally. However, we encourage you to interview on-campus, if possible, as this will be the opportunity for Round 1 applicants to evaluate Ross’ fit with you as well as meet potential classmates.  

Depending on which day you come to campus, you could also sit in on a class. If you haven’t been to Ann Arbor before, you’ll have a chance to see why our alumni love the town so much and can’t wait for a chance to come back to campus.  

“I Wasn’t Invited to Interview. Now What?”

If you didn’t receive an interview invitation, it means that your application will be further reviewed to determine whether you will be placed on the waitlist or denied. If you are waitlisted, your application will be reconsidered in Round 2.

Here are the two most common reasons for being waitlisted: (1) your academic record wasn’t as competitive as other applicants whose experience or background was similar to yours; (2) your work experience wasn’t as strong as others in the pool (in terms of what you’ve accomplished to date). If the reason is #1, there’s opportunity to do something about it (i.e., retake the GMAT or GRE). If it’s #2, there’s not much you can do other than wait to see how you stack up in the Round 2 pool.

Though being waitlisted may be disappointing, it does mean that there’s still a chance of admission. We admitted many students off of the waitlist last year.

Final Thoughts

The team has been enjoying getting to know applicants and reading your stories. So many interesting experiences, accomplishments and goals. We’re looking forward to seeing next year’s class take shape in the coming months.

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