Class of 2024

Minor: Real Estate Development 

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Hi everyone! I’m Aashka, a senior from Georgia concentrating in Finance and pursuing a minor in Real Estate Development. I’m so excited that you are interested in Ross at the University of Michigan! Coming here as an out-of-state student after completing my first year online, I was immediately welcomed by faculty and students through the different welcome programs and BBA events. Experiencing the transition to in-person classes not only came with several valuable lessons, but I was constantly able to meet students from all different backgrounds and build meaningful relationships. Having the opportunity to share my experiences with others through mentorship, alumni networks, and the importance applied to collaboration are a few of the main reasons I decided to come to Ross, along with the beautiful campus! As soon as I came to Michigan, I immediately knew that Ross would be a perfect outlet for me to be myself while focusing on professional growth. Being able to engage in unique campus organizations and explore diverse industries through the extensive network has definitely allowed me to discover my interests and niche, all while constructing my identity on campus. One of my best experiences during my time here has been studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where I was able to constantly surround myself with new cultures and traditions! 

These opportunities have helped me to constantly challenge myself while understanding the corporate world in a manner that goes beyond the classroom. I would love to answer any questions you may have about Ross and UMich, campus organizations, or my experiences as an out-of-state student. Feel free to reach out with anything, I would love to talk! Go Blue!

Where is your favorite place to eat in Ann Arbor? BTB Burrito

Current Campus Involvement: CDO Peer Coach, Ethical Investments, Michigan Advertising and Marketing Club (Account Director), Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity, Business Bootcamp, BBA & Outreach Ambassador

Past Involvement: Michigan Collegiate Investment Group, Och Women Finance Initiative