Abby Zhang

Abby Zhang

Class of 2020

After graduating in 3 years with my bachelor's degree in engineering from the College of Engineering, I began my career in the steel industry, but quickly shifted to the automotive industry. At Valeo, I started off in marketing, and took on additional responsibility in sales. Afterwards, I felt I wanted to gain some technical experience, so changed my role to engineering at ZF, another auto parts supplier. As I have enjoyed working with diverse corporate cultures and cross-functional teams, I felt I was plateauing and decided that getting my MBA was the best way to further my career. Since I enjoyed my time at Michigan as an undergrad, and wanted to be a two-time wolverine, I decided on Ross. My experience has been phenomenal, with the supportive alumni network, world-class faculty, smart and driven classmates, they have helped grow my human and social capital. 

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University of Michigan

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Industrial and Operations Engineering