Alex Maguina

Alex Maguina

Class of 2024

I worked for 10 years in the manufacturing and mining industries before coming to Ross, mainly developing new products and improving processes for ores prospecting operations in LATAM, Oceania, and Europe. In parallel, I launched a startup to design and build systems and equipment using renewable energy which is abundant in my country but not exploited as it should be. With that being said, pursuing and MBA in a top school was not a common career path in my industries but I did it because I wanted to progress and gain exposure to a broader spectrum of industries and businesses. After Ross, I want to work in companies driven by innovation and technology to use and contribute with my skills and learn, learn more!

I really want to encourage you to apply for the MBA. Too much experience? Entrepreneur experience? Coming from an industry that is not a MBA feeder? I had the same questions on mind and I made it, so can you too! Happy to talk about my experience and path to Michigan Ross with you!

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Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru

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Student ambassador
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Mechanical Engineering
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