Alex Quintana

Alex Quintana

Class of 2022

Prior to Ross, I managed a small team of financial analysts focused on strategic and business planning at an energy company. My mentor there told me, "Alex, you can't do good until you know what good looks like." Those words made me realize I needed to get exposure to other industries and ways of doing business, which ultimately led me to pursue my MBA. I chose Ross because it is a program that revolves around community and collaboration. Almost everyone has come from somewhere else, and we all came with the intention of creating a new community once we got here. I am fortunate to have made so many friends with such varied backgrounds that we can learn something new from each other every day. Such a tight-knit community naturally leads to collaboration. When I recruited for consulting our community thought of each other as partners, not competitors. We supported each other's success and that helped me to get both a consulting internship and full-time offer.

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Loyola Marymount University

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Student ambassador
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Finance-Corporate Finance