Alexis Lopez Medina

Alexis Lopez Medina

Class of 2022

I am pursuing an MBA and a Master of Science in Information (with an emphasis on UX Research/Design and Human Computer Interaction) from the School of Information. I am pursuing both of these degrees to further develop my leadership abilities, learn to better approach problems strategically, and to gain skills that I have previously not been exposed to. My professional background includes inventory management, product launch management, and negotiation consulting within the retail industry. I ultimately want to pivot into the technology sector where I can use my previous experience to lead and influence product management launch initiatives. As a current Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM) member, I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and will continue to align its mission with my own. I have been in Ann Arbor for a year now and though it is a cliché, the community here makes Ross and the University a special place. When I'm not in class, you can find me at the dog park with my three-year-old Jack Russel Terrier mix, cooking a new meal for myself or my roommates, working on my start-up, or working out. Go Blue!

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University of Notre Dame

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Management Consulting
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