Ali Frieder

Ali Frieder

Class of 2021

Prior to Ross, I spent 4 years at Deloitte Consulting where I helped health insurance clients modernize systems at the core of their businesses. Through my consulting projects I became interested in healthcare and the technology innovation that is solving some of the industry's biggest challenges. I decided to get my MBA because I knew it would provide me with the skills to transition into a strategy role and be an effective future business leader. At Ross, I feel supported by the collaborative and student-driven community as I aim to broaden my healthcare industry knowledge and apply classroom learnings to hands-on experiences. When I was in your shoes I found it so valuable to talk to current students and ask about their experiences. You will not only learn about opportunities and programs that are available at each school, but also gain an understanding of the school's culture. I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have! Go Blue!

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Washington University in St. Louis

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Student ambassador
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