Amitoj Singh

As a digital-strategy consultant specializing in Artificial Intelligence, I’ve had the privilege of working with Fortune 500 companies to help them understand how Big Data, Cloud and Machine Learning can help them digitally transform their businesses. With a global experience of working in the US, Europe, Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific markets, I’ve had the opportunity to leverage the power of data and algorithms to solve some of the major global challenges. One of the areas that is closest to my heart is making AI safer and more impactful, for mass consumption. In my past role, I led the global development of PwC’s Responsible Artificial Intelligence Toolkit (launched at World Economic Forum, 2019).

Long term, I’d wish to lead a Tech company that uses the power of AI in a more responsible, fair and equitable way to boost new levels of human productivity. I believe Michigan Ross with its strong focus on ‘Business+Tech’ and ‘Business+Impact’ is a perfect launchpad for me. Looking forward to discussing more about my current time at Ross with any prospective students.