Amy Ribar

Amy Ribar

Class of 2022

After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, I worked at a startup in NYC before moving back to the SF Bay Area. I worked for about one year in sports marketing for the Oakland A's before ultimately moving back into the tech sphere in Logistics Operations at Instacart. While this role challenged me to not only drive the business forward with improved processes but it also exposed me to navigating under a great deal of ambiguity. Ultimately however, I knew I wanted to work closer with products themselves and found myself looking at Ross for an MBA. My move to Ross with my dog Jedi has allowed me to further my educational journey and follow my professional goals of moving into product management. Since my time at Ross, I have had two internships in product management which only solidified my goal. At Ross I have also unexpectedly to met my partner within the MBA program.

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Syracuse University

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