Andre Zamboni

Andre Zamboni

Class of 2023

While choosing a business school in the US, I prioritized the ones that were proud of their culture, network and community values. Since the beginning, Ross stood out on my list, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. When I finally got to Ann Arbor I was sure that I made the right choice. The school is all about bridging and supporting people in their dreams. The number of social and professional network opportunities across campus is unbelievable. A little bit about me - I am passionate about how technology and innovation can create a better world for our society. I find myself working with financial services because I really believe that good finance products can help people leverage their lives and anticipate their dreams. Finally, I am happy to connect with any prospect Ross student and help them understand their next move in an unbiased way.

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Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos

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