Andrew Suzuki

Andrew Suzuki

Class of 2023

I'm originally from Portland, OR, but moved to the Midwest for undergrad at Michigan. I had the best four years of my life in Ann Arbor, and am so excited to be back seven years later. Sure the winters are cold, but the camaraderie will keep you warm! Prior to Ross, I worked at Cardinal Health in the corporate finance, project management and pricing strategy functions. I was mainly based in Columbus, OH but also spent time in Miami as well as Tokyo. Through my career, I realized that I enjoyed building solutions and moving things forward versus maintaining the status quo, which is why I decided to pursue my MBA. Ross resonated with me with its strong emphasis on action-based learning, as well as the collaborative culture that exists among the student body. Post-Ross, my goal is to pivot into strategy consulting. Please feel free to reach out to talk about healthcare, pivoting careers, living/working in Asia and cheering for underachieving sports teams (Seattle Mariners, Portland Trailblazers and Michigan Wolverines). Go Blue!

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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