Anna Lei

Anna Lei

Class of 2020

Prior to Ross, I was working in revenue strategy at American Airlines in Dallas, TX.During my time in that role, I was able to build my analytical skill set and work with international partners while tackling complex issues in markets. Though I appreciated my time there, I realized my passion came from the consumer aspect of my job, so I decided to pursue an MBA to gain additional skills to pivot to a marketing career. Throughout my interactions with my European counterparts at work and my own personal standby travel while being an airline employee, I gained an appreciation for cultural differences and wanted to attend an MBA program where I could broaden my exposure to diverse experiences. I eventually chose to attend Ross because the diversity and community was what I was looking for. I was also looking for a largely collaborative mindset. Ross stood out because it was apparent that I would get that sense of teamwork and support from my peers.

Undergraduate Education

Purdue University West Lafayette

Areas of Interest

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Student ambassador
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Business Management
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Transportation/Logistics Services