Archana Kandasamy

Archana Kandasamy

Class of 2024

Prior to Ross, I served in the Indian Air Force for 12 years. When I decided to transition out of the military, I wanted to be in a business school that celebrates collaboration and camaraderie. During my application process, Ross stood out to me for the very same reason. During my time at Ross, I am excited to learn the foundations of business and transform my leadership skills to suit the corporate world.

I am humbled to be around my diverse cohort and the learning is truly 360 degrees here. I am interested in pivoting to consulting industry and the intersection with operations. I am also part of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations to specialize in operations and supply chain. I am passionate about food and art which is experienced best in Ann Arbor.

Undergraduate Education

Anna University Chennai

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Student ambassador
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Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
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