Ariana Almas

Ariana Almas

Class of 2018

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to make people happy. In fact, I performed stand-up comedy in my 3rd grade talent show because, at the time, I thought the best way to make people happy was to make them laugh. As I grew older, I began to channel this passion into supporting communities in their pursuit of happiness. In college, I created my own major to identify challenges communities face and how to combat them through business, policy, and design. After college, I decided to explore this passion more in-depth by establishing my career in the nonprofit sector. I've worked primarily in the leadership development and workforce development space, and became increasingly interested in how both service to communities and engagement of employees often suffered during times of growth and scaling. Now, I'm seeking solutions by moving full force into the human capital space. I'm planning to transition to the for-profit sector to see how large corporations address challenges with serving their customers and employees at scale. In my mind, there was no better place to facilitate this transition than Michigan Ross, a program that is known for its human capital focus and for being the birthplace of positive organizational scholarship.

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Dartmouth College

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