Ashank Dubey

As a Teacher and Ed-tech entrepreneur for more than eight years, I have devoted my life to educating the next generations as well as those from underprivileged communities. On one hand, while teaching students, I found my passion for teaching and mentoring students. I went on to write and publish a book of my own. On another hand, working with founders of Ed-tech companies, I learnt how start-ups can scale up fast to provide education to millions. I started my first company and made a successful exit while I was only 25 years old. To continue my impact journey further, I set up an NGO – Smile For World Foundation – to work towards eradicating hunger and providing free food to all. I decided to join Ross to continue my impact journey and work with like-minded individuals in an action-based environment. Outside of my work, I participate in off-road driving events and have taken part in 22 off-road car events where I have driven more than 500 miles.