Class of 2024

Minor: Asian Languages & Culture (China)

Hometown: San Jose, California

Hi all! I’m so excited that you’re considering enrolling with us. Attending this school was something that I never saw myself achieving… I actually almost didn’t apply because it felt too optimistic to even try. But here I am, two years later, completely and utterly thrilled to be talking to the next generation of Ross students! The pride I feel when I tell people I’m a Wolverine is something I hope you’ll soon feel too.

Some background on me: I’m actually an external transfer, meaning I went to an entirely other institution for my freshman year. Because of the pandemic and financial issues, I decided to enroll in my local community college instead of a four-year university so long as school was remote. During my transfer application process, I already had a university in mind that I would be attending - UofM was not even in the picture. My dad was the one who pushed me to apply, despite my insisting I would be rejected from a prestigious program like Ross. Obviously, I gave in, and tried my hardest to forget I applied, hoping it would soften the blow. Come July of 2021, I received my acceptance letter and the rest is history! This is just a testament to Ross’ holistic process and proof that hard work and risks will take you far.

I am so thrilled to finally be here and share my experiences with you all! Go Blue! 

What is one of your favorite places to travel? Growing up, my family never traveled out of the country much, so my vacation experiences are limited, but I’ll be going to Singapore this Winter for my study abroad, so I have a feeling it’ll be Singapore!

Current Campus Involvement: The Michigan Daily, Michigan Chinese Business Club, AIESEC, Rem and Company, AAPI Students in Business, BBA Council, BA200 Course Assistant