Balaji Asapu

Balaji Asapu

Class of 2024

Growing up, I aspired to become a professional cricket player. Time and destiny, however, had other plans for me and here I am, pursuing an MBA from a premier business school.

I began my career in 2008 following my graduation from Osmania University, India. My career journey allowed me to embark on learning, gaining experience, and excelling in a multitude of functional areas, such as Procurement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, ERP, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Master Data Management to name a few. My career experience spans in two countries – India and the USA. As part of the continuation of my journey, I set a goal to expand and excel in competencies such as leadership skills, people skills, networking skills, and business intuition, which I hope would allow me to climb further in my career.

With the expanded goal in mind, the Ross Weekend MBA program, that inherently attracts peers from various professional and cultural backgrounds, became my target of focus. The program not only offers a diverse curriculum but also a flexible schedule. I enjoy and experience the advantage of the in-person discussions that take place in and out of the classroom, be it a one-on-one with professors or a collaboration with cohort of peers, thereby creating stronger and more human connections. Ross is helping me to set a core foundation for fostering my network and supplying the tools to someday be the Executive of an organization.

I am an extremely motivated individual who likes to help others when they require guidance or help of any kind. Please feel free to connect with me to hear and share experiences and to answer any questions.