Balakrishnan Subramanian

Balakrishnan Subramanian

Class of 2022

"As I was looking to transform my career from being in a niche field in the Automotive industry, I realized an MBA would help me figure out where I want to go next. Being a Michigan Alumni myself (College of Engineering), and being local to metro Detroit, Ross was a no-brainer for me, as I was already familiar with the impact Ross students have on organizations as well as society at large. Extensive research about the WMBA program, networking with alumni, and with students only reinforced my affinity to Ross.

As I was getting started with the application process, I reached out to WMBA student ambassadors to understand their experiences through the program. Their mentorship helped me curate my own WMBA goals and also made me aware of the practical challenges of pursuing the WMBA. Equipped with these insights, I was better prepared for the admissions process and beyond. Having realized the importance of the valuable guidance that I received, I wish to give back and contribute to crafting your own MBA journey. Please reach out with any questions you may have if you are going through similar career transformations or even otherwise. Forever Go Blue!"

Undergraduate Education

BMS College of Engineering

Graduate Education

University of Michigan

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Undergraduate Major
Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Major
Mechanical Engineering