Bill McCrone

Bill McCrone

Class of 2021

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, I was selected to attend flight training in Pensacola, Florida. I qualified for my aircraft and began my service in a fleet squadron. Eventually I transitioned from my squadron to a project and policy management position for the Navy in D.C.. Because of the number of other military officers that transition in the D.C. metro I knew that I needed an opportunity to stand out from the others. I found Ross. 

Ross was the only school that I felt would give me the tools I need to transition my leadership from the Navy into the private sector. The emphasis on action-based learning was unlike any other program I could find. After my initial experience with the program, I am happy to say that I was right. I was initially nervous about the travel and time commitments, but travelling from D.C. has not been difficult and the class schedule is manageable. I am glad to have the opportunity to attend a program of this caliber while continuing my career, and even more excited for what my future holds because of my time at Ross. 


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United States Naval Academy

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