Brian Lui

Brian Lui

Class of 2022

Prior to Ross, I ran a digital strategy business and leveraged technology to create innovative digital solutions for a wide range of clients and industries. I also worked at Ernst & Young’s Transactions practice where I helped roll-out a brand-new ERP software system across our U.S. M&A practice and beta-tested a new process automation tool with EY’s Innovation Team. These experiences helped me realize my passion for helping clients understand the potential of emerging technologies and exploring ways we can leverage technology to generate long-term value for global businesses. I knew that an MBA would not only expand my strategic thinking from a macro level but also enable me to refine my leadership and soft skills through hands-on, experiential learning at a top-tier MBA program. As a result, I was drawn to Ross’ culture of forward-thinking innovation and emphasis on fostering community through collaboration. Through my conversations with students, ambassadors, alumni, and staff, I was amazed by the level of creativity, genuine compassion, transformative collaboration they shared at and beyond Ross. Although I had met many community members for the first time, I naturally felt as if we knew each other forever and immediately felt at home. As a student ambassador, I hope to pay it forward and help prospective students feel the same enthusiasm and excitement I felt when applying to Ross.

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Pepperdine University

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