Carolina De La Cerda

Carolina De La Cerda

Class of 2024

I started my career as a Social Worker in a company for the government providing guidance and training to people in need and communities, helping them acquire their first home. This experience made me realize my passion for supporting and leading communities. Then I worked on promoting environmental awareness, influencing communities and public organizations, creating educative activities, and allowing workers with criminal records to rehabilitate. Having these experiences, I realized I wanted to continue providing wellness to people in the workplace. I started working in Santiago, the capital of Chile, visiting HR areas of several companies and coaching about a housing program. Having this broad exposure to HR areas made me realize I wanted to work in HR, helping companies increase productivity and loyalty by providing quality of life to workers and employees.

With this goal in mind, I studied for a certificate in Workplace Quality of Life and Wellness, and I recruited for one of the largest Real Estate Companies in Chile, where I led a cultural change, providing support to workers on projects where they weren’t taken care of before. In my last work experience, I had the challenge of providing support in Walgreens in times of crisis around the world; during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having these experiences in the HR areas, I realized that I needed to improve my business skills and gain knowledge about negotiation to make better decisions.

In 2020 my husband and I decided to come to Ann Arbor to enjoy this new experience at Ross. Michigan presented an inclusive and supportive environment where I could develop my leadership and business skills in a collaborative community. I would be happy to share my experience with you!