Carolina Suarez

Carolina Suarez

Class of 2021

I had a rich business acumen after years working in the financial sector doing credit risk analysis to corporate clients. Still, I felt I need to complement my knowledge with strategic problem-solving skills and exposure to less traditional industries. That is why I chose to come to Ross, the many and unique opportunities to learn by doing are unparallel to other schools. In my experience, the most relevant opportunities have been being a member of the Social Venture Fund and MAP. At SVF, I have to learn to evaluate hundreds of startups for real investment decisions, and MAP presented a unique experience that allows you to work hand in hand with top companies worldwide. Ross also allowed me to become part of a network of impressive people that will always be prone to help. Many have already helped me to expand my professional horizon.

Undergraduate Education

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Undergraduate Major
Prior Industry
Finance-Investment Banking