Chris Chang

Chris Chang

Class of 2022

After spending 5 years in a support function at an investment bank, I knew I had developed a wide variety of analytical and communication skills. However, I felt limited in the application of said skills for more strategic means. I was always fascinated at how senior management was able to strategically think through various factors and come to a sound decision. I knew I needed to further develop those specific skills in order to further my own career. Choosing Ross was a no brainer. I was born and raised in NYC. I always knew that if I were to pursue an MBA, it would be outside the confines of the concrete jungle where I can truly focus on building business acumen and developing myself, professionally and personally. The biggest reason why I chose to come to Ross was its location. Yes, Ann Arbor is cold and its not a big city. But my fellow classmates all willingly came to Ann Arbor despite those qualities. That speaks volumes to the kind of person Ross attracts. People at Ross truly want to be here and immerse themselves in a two-year learning experience. That and football. Please feel free to reach out to talk about switching careers, taking a break from big cities and the MBA experience. Go Blue!

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Baruch College

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