Chris Fink

Chris Fink

Class of 2022

When first considering business school as an option, I remember thinking: "There's no chance I get in." I'm just a guy from the rust belt, with this weird background of teaching, public affairs, and nonprofit consulting. I wanted to learn more about people, how to provide them with purpose and connection at work. None of that screamed "business school entrant" to me. Then I found Ross, and met a bunch of other students in my boat, who, at the end of the day, wanted to make an impact on their communities. It's the best business school for me, from the authenticity of my classmates, to the accessibility of the professors and staff, to the pay-it-forward attitude of MBA 2s. I'm happy to chat with you about anything: nontraditional backgrounds, application nerves, people strategy, or whatever's on your mind. I can't promise I'll have the answers, but I know we'll have a great time getting to know one another!

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Vanderbilt University

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