Chris Wang

Chris Wang

Class of 2019

Hello, Hola, 'Ahlaan, Ni Hao, you all! I am Chris Wang. I am originally from Nanjing, China, and my Chinese name is Xun Wang, picked by my grandfather, meaning modest. I am super passionate about cooking (baking and making breakfast especially), weight-training, traveling, and just having an active and tasty lifestyle in general! I am also a blogger online and have been studying in the United States since 2011. I first came to the U.S. to study as an exchange student in Sycamore, Illinois. Before coming to the University of Michigan for the MAcc program, I studied Accounting for my undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame. Despite thinking the word "accounting" sounds extremely boring, I've loved most, if not all, of the accounting courses I've taken so far. I participated in PwC's Elevate program back in my Sophomore in college, and have stayed working with PwC ever since. I interned with PwC in San Francisco in tax service, and will move to the other side of the country to Los Angeles to start my work as a full-time tax associate upon graduation from the MAcc program. Now moving on to my Wolverine and Blue thing. Though admitted by many other well-known programs across the country, I do not regret choosing Ross and being here at Michigan. Honestly, I've loved every single day in the program. I felt true love and warmth during the application and admission process, and am loving the many thought-provoking and challenging courses I am taking. I enjoy the flexibility that the MAcc program allows me, and would love to share my experiences with you all. A huge plus is that Ann Arbor is such a great vibrant city with so much for me to explore. A bonus on top of a plus is that there are so many local restaurants in Ann Arbor that I cannot wait to taste them all as a foodie and a blogger. What that being said, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about the program. The more the merrier! Cannot wait to hear from you! 

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