Claire Yee

Claire Yee

Class of 2021

I almost didn't go to Ross. In fact, I paid a deposit to another school before changing my mind. If you're having an existential crisis, let me save you the $4,000. I can't tell you exactly what another school is like because I'm currently living my best life here, but I will walk you through every needlessly painful step of my decision making process, why I left the #WestCoastBestCoast and startup life for this special place, what this community can offer you, and how you might just find yourself dropping $400 at M Den after one visit. If that doesn't do it for you, here are some other conversation topics I'm happy to dive in to with you. I'm on a personal expedition to find juuuust the right intersection of technology and social impact. I care about diversity, equity, and inclusion, K-12 education, the outdoors, eating, sports and fitness, discovering good Asian food in Ann Arbor, and history. I won't pretend to know everything, but I promise you honesty no matter the question. Ask me anything, and see you at Ross next year.

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University of California Los Angeles

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Computer Science
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