Claudia Aranda

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and I am the first daughter of a business manager and systems engineer, so since I was little, I’ve always been passionate about technology and business. As a result, I decided to major in Business Engineering, which combined both passions. Before coming to Ross, I used to work as a Strategy and Sales Operations specialist for Motorola Peru, or as I like to describe my job, the right hand of Peru's country manager. There, I was involved in most of the business decisions, from defining our portfolio per client to allocating supply to achieve our short-, mid- and long-term goals. However, I wanted to be part of the creative process, and be responsible of making decisions for different products. Therefore, after doing some research, I decided that the next step in my professional career would take place at Ross MBA program, and I've never been so right in my life. From day one, the Ross community (best of the world!!) has supported me in pursuing this goal, giving me all the hard and soft skills to succeed. So, if you want to talk more about the application process, my decision, or even how to survive winter in Ann Arbor, feel free to contact me. Go Blue!