Colin Raaberg

Prior to Ross I worked as a management consultant specializing in digital transformation strategy. During my time in consulting I discovered impact in my work when working with senior leadership to think through complex problems and set the direction of their firm. I also was very fortunate to work with a few startups and enjoyed the energy and passion that came with early stage companies. From those experiences I decided to pursue an MBA to supplement existing strategic skills to better serve clients, while also using the opportunity to experiment in the tech startup space in a safe environment to see if that might be the direction I want to take my career. I chose Ross for my MBA because I wanted to be able to rapidly apply what I learned from class in real world situations, learn in a supportive environment that offered a balanced lifestyle between school and fun, and needed a program that intersected tech, startup, and consulting. When looking at MBA programs it was clear Ross was the only choice for me. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and of course Go Blue!