Daniela Caetano

Daniela Caetano

Class of 2023

I started my career as a lawyer and then was hired by the Brazilian Government to work as a Law Clerk in the Court of Appeals, where I spent the past five years helping judges analyze evidence, define the best judicial approach to a hard case, and come up with the fairest possible decision. My experience within the legal industry made me passionate about solving complex conflicts, mainly those involving big companies and their clients, but also inspired me to be on the other side of the fence, where I would be able to impact consumers and organizations before bad experiences happen. I decided to pursue an MBA at Ross to develop new skills and, more than that, to become part of a collaborative community that embraces its members since day one. I am sharing this life-changing experience with my husband, who is also an MBA1 at Ross and a Student Ambassador himself. We were admitted at Ross in the same day and time (best Zoom meeting ever!).

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Universidade de Brasilia

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