David Amorim

David Amorim

Class of 2024

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil - but I grew up in the US and Portugal as well and also lived in Canada for two years. If you're a third-culture child like me, feel free to reach out! After graduating with a BS in Biotechnology from BYU, I moved back to Brazil to work for an agricultural firm - this was to transition from academics to business. Soon thereafter, I found myself in management consulting and did that for almost four years. When I decided to pursue an MBA, I looked for an institution with a strong core and a focus in hands-on, practical learning. Ross' experiential learning approach and MAP were huge factors that influenced my decision to move to Ann Arbor - but the main and most decisive factor was meeting the incredible people at Ross that reached out to me or that I reached out to. Having felt that I found a home away from home, I accepted Ross' offer and never looked back. I'd be happy to talk about admissions, recruiting, consulting or - my number one passion, gaming! Feel free to reach out! Go Blue!

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Brigham Young University

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