Denny Lai

Prior to business school, I spent 4 years in economic consulting, splitting time at Edgeworth Economics and Charles River Associates, utilizing data-analytics and economic model-building to help telecommunications, semiconductor, medical device, and software solutions clients navigate patent litigation matters. At Ross, I hope to incorporate those analytical skills and experiences to pivot into healthcare product management, more specifically in the medical devices and health technology space. I am passionate about building strong community with my peers and was drawn to the pay-it-forward culture embodied by Rossers from Day One. Couple that with amazing faculty who challenge students to bring their A-game to class each day and access to countless opportunities to engage with real-world experiential learning at any given time, the Ross School of Business was the perfect place for me to not only take my business thinking to the next level, but also equip me with well-rounded environment to further develop skills to deliver more meaningful impact to future teams and local communities around me!