Dev Desai

Dev Desai

Class of 2022

Prior to Ross, I worked as a data analytics consultant primarily focused on providing strategic solutions to banking, financial services and insurance clients. I really enjoyed projects that informed the overall business strategy. As a consultant, I worked with many MBAs and knew that its much more than just a degree. They had a more holistic way of thinking about any problem, which inspired me to come to a business school. Ross was an easy choice because of its emphasis on action-based learning, access to its vast UMich alumni network, and super supportive student community. I visited Ann Arbor before applying and fell in love with the city and the school. I'm passionate about analytics, FinTech and customer behaviour. I'm excited about being a part of diverse Ross community and look forward to pursuing a career in Technology after I graduate. When I'm not busy with studies, you can find me planning a get-together, playing ping-pong or working out. Happy to talk more about all things Ross. Go Blue!

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Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

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Industrial and Operations Engineering
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