Doug Kuzniar

Doug Kuzniar

Class of 2019

I started my career working in US/UK trade promotion at the British Consulate-General in Chicago. My academic background (Political Science & International Relations) was definitely an asset when I first started, as I understood how countries formally interacted with one another and the effect government policy could have both inside and outside a country's borders. Over the course of my nearly six years at the Consulate, my roles were focused on business development-related activities for US/UK life sciences & healthcare companies. While the experiential business and industry-specific knowledge I gained were great, I knew I needed to complement that knowledge with an MBA to keep progressing in my career.
After spending time looking into programs, the Ross WMBA rose very quickly to the top of the pack. I was impressed by the Program’s emphasis on action-based learning (which you experience during your very first weekend on campus!), as well as the positive impact that business can make in your community and the world. Honestly, everything at Ross is top quality – from the professors and staff to your fellow classmates and the facilities. The flexibility of the WMBA also allowed me to continue working at a diagnostics laboratory in the Chicagoland area – this was incredibly helpful for both my family life and career. Now that the WMBA Program has finished, I’ll be heading to Boston to work for Takeda Pharmaceuticals.
If you have any questions related to Ross or MBAs in general, please don’t hesitate to message me. GO BLUE!


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University of Chicago

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