Ekom Ekpa

Originally from the great city of Houston, TX, I spent the past four years at Goldman Sachs where I worked in the Regulatory Operations space. Here I was tasked with improving processes to make them more efficient in the way the firm stays compliant with various regulations. Within this role, I found an increased interest in thinking of ways to successfully utilize technology to improve the lives of various users and stakeholders. I realized I wanted to make a career pivot into the tech industry as a product manager. Ross stood out to me as a superior choice to help me make that pivot due to their hands on approach (action based learning), due to the fact that so many of their MBA students were successful in making career pivots, and most importantly, the community and the culture that all Ross students seemed to have.

Given the Houston/Texas roots, I'm a big sports fan and happy to talk basketball or football in particular. I also enjoy trying new things outside of my comfort zone and have been skydiving twice and shark cage diving. Lastly, I really enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and seeing new sights!