Eric Hoffman

Eric Hoffman

Class of 2021

Michigan Ross has been on my radar from the early stages in my career; my first manager at M&T Bank was a proud Ross graduate who displayed managerial qualities that I wished to emulate. After working in financial services for 6 years, I decided that I was ready to grow as a leader in a more structured setting, and I knew that Ross was the best place to develop strong leadership skills. My research into MBA programs further strengthened the desire to join the Ross community, particularly once I learned about the Sanger Leadership Center, as the center's programming is focused on combining action-based learning with cutting-edge faculty research. I strongly believe that resources like the Sanger Center, among many others, make Ross the top business school for managerial development. I look forward to connecting with prospective students who are interested in learning more about the thoughtful resources and programs Ross has to offer MBA candidates.

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Cornell University

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