Eric Messinger

Eric Messinger

Class of 2020

After graduating college, I joined Teach for America, and taught for two years at an elementary charter school in Brooklyn, New York. Afterwards, I participated in the Mongol Rally, a 2-month, 10,000 mile drive from London to Mongolia; on this project, I partnered with Lonely Planet to film my travels and turn them into a documentary. This was followed up by a second, much longer film project, in which I drove a car from New York to the bottom of Argentina over the course of 1 year. I then launched my own digital media company, Nowhere Men Media, which I developed for the two years leading up to business school. Ultimately, I decided to build up my foundation in business to pursue a career in marketing and strategy. For my internship, I worked at 3M Company in Minneapolis in their internal consulting practice. I'm happy to chat with anyone applying to Ross with a non-traditional background!

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Washington University in St. Louis

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