Geetika Rao

Originally from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, I didn't move too far from home to attend the University of Texas at Austin. I was originally a pre-medical student but pivoted into public health when I realized I wanted to make an impact in the healthcare system at a larger scale. After undergrad, I went to the Yale School of Public Health to get my Masters of Public Health, concentrating on Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Regulatory Affairs.

After school, I spent three years in Chicago working in healthcare analytics at CVS Health and Blue Health Intelligence. I loved developing the technical skills while working with data, but I wanted to have a more strategic impact in the industry, which is why I chose to attend business school. I came to Ross because of its focus on building a better world through business, as well as all the action-based learning opportunities. The University of Michigan's strengths in STEM were also attractive, because I knew I had access to amazing resources across the university.

Ask me about the Pinkert Scholars program, football in the fall, cycling trails in Michigan, and any of the listed clubs and organizations I'm involved with!