George Shara

George Shara

Class of 2022

I am originally from Michigan, however, growing up I moved six times and lived in four different states. Eventually, my family and I ended up in North Carolina and I was not afforded the opportunity to come to the University of Michigan for undergrad, which was my dream school. I adored NC State University and would not have chosen any other undergraduate institution if I could do it again, however, I told myself if I got into Ross for my MACC, which is a top institution around the world, I was going to go. My favorite thing about the program so far is how sophisticated the people within the program are and the professors that we are being taught by. It is a continuous opportunity to grow and become better and I truly believe that I have made friends for life in this program.


Undergraduate Education

NC State University - Poole College of Management

Areas of Interest

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Undergraduate Major
Accounting - Financial Analysis Concentration (Economics Minor)