Gerardo Ampudia

Since 2015, I have been immersed in the nascent venture capital ecosystem in Mexico, witnessing the industry mature, and supporting companies from many different industries. After realizing the impact that my work had on these companies, I realized that I wanted to channel my energy into helping sustainable businesses succeed.

Consequently, I decided to pursue an MBA at Ross to gain a comprehensive perspective of how entrepreneurship and innovation can aid the world transition to a prosperous low-carbon economy. I believe that science and innovation are paving the way to a more sustainable future, and supporting impactful companies while meeting optimal returns is the perfect combination to arrive at the zero-emissions target.

As I start my journey as a local in Ann Arbor, I have found it to be the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities like sailing, biking, hiking while also enjoying the wide variety of entertainment downtown, from eating at exquisite restaurants to enjoying a Jazz night out. I can honestly say that becoming a part of the Ross family is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Go Blue!